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Exten SA is a Swiss producer of plastic films, laminates and sheets located in the South of Switzerland, close to the Italian Border.

The company is privately owned and was established in 1981,since then Exten has been constantly growing to reach in 2009 a total turnover of Euro 43 Mil, and has around 105 employees.

In 2006 a new division called EX-P, dedicated to the production of PP Sheets, started operations and is producing full capacity.

The quality of the products is a result of a perfect synergy between the supplier of raw materials, sophisticated technology and the precious know-how of Exten’s people.

The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 (today ISO 9001-2008) and works according to the most modern and efficient procedures.

Constant focus on product development and versatility of the technology are other assets Exten has that enable the company to propose itself on the market has the most innovative and reliable partner of the filed.

Furthermore the outstanding level of service and flexibility typical of a medium size company enables Exten to satisfy each market’s requirements.

Products overview

Exten produces multilayer plastic films and laminates in rolls (hygiene, medical & technical divisions) and polypropylene sheets (EX-P division) for various markets and applications.


  • Barrier against liquids, contaminants, bacteria and virus
  • Microembossed finish for a more comfortable and natural touch
  • Based on different kinds of Polyolefins (and CoPolyesthers or Polyurethanes)
  • Some of them are wateproof and breathable at the same time (Smylex), fusible (Kaldex), barrier & thermoresistant (Maginex)


Above mentioned films are also laminated onto different kinds of NonWovens

  • Spunlaid
  • Carded chemical bonded, thermal bonded, hydroentangled, needlepunched
  • Wetlaid
  • Airlaid
  • Tissue

Each kind of nonwoven gives the laminate a special characteristic

  • Textile appearance
  • Absorbency
  • Mechanical properties
  • Drapability
  • Bulkiness
  • Hydrophilicity

Polypropylene sheets

High quality PP products in an extremely wide combination of colours, surface finish, thickness and sizes.



5 layers coextruded films with micro-embossed finish for a more comfortable and natural touch that constitute a full barrier against liquids, contaminants, bacteria, virus and weather elements (no pinholes). The products are based on different kinds of polyolefins (including the last generation engineered co-polymers.

Thanks to continuous innovation EXTEN has been successfully leading the trend of material downgauging maintaining at the same time the technical characteristics, thus reducing the environmental impact of finished products with an additional valuable cost saving.

The film can be printed thanks to a very efficient online proprietary process.


The technologies available are:


  • On-line coextrusion-lamination (films are directly extruded onto nonwovens without any glue);
  • Hot-melt lamination (UFD technology) for special requirements (medical ultra-soft ultra-absorbent products).

Substrates are based on Spunbonded and Termobonded PP or SMS, carded chemical bonded and others (tissue, airlaid, wetlaid) for special applications, whilst films are based on different kinds of polyolefins (including the last generation engineered co-polymers

The process leads to absence of pinholes compared to other standard technologies, based on coating process and the environmental impact (no glue in case of coextrusion laminates) is minimal.

Sheets and Foils

Flexible and resistant compact gloss and embossed polypropylene sheets. The innovative process equipment allows the production of monolayer and co-extruded structures which become absolutely necessary to fulfil technical and graphic solutions

A wide variety of colours and thickness, meets the various requirements which come from very demanding markets.Another important feature is the surface finish obtained by the embossing of the product on both sides with different patterns which will influence the scratch resistance, the final look and hence the application of the product.The material can also be pre-primed to improve the surface wettability.


Bidirectional relationships with strategic suppliers

The Exten purchasing policy has been built up on a foundation of “bidirectional relationship” with strategic suppliers.

Strategic suppliers… our partners

Strategic suppliers are those suppliers from which we purchase raw materials or the materials needed for packaging, in other words: “all those products which the quality of the end product, whether they have been transformed or not.”

Our suppliers therefore have to naturally be considered partners of our company.

Two concepts of partnership are considered: technical and commercial:

– Technical Partnership:

  • Continuous exchange of information
  • Readiness to propose new materials from both sides
  • Readiness to develop new solutions
  • Reciprocal availability of technical resources (laboratories, pilot lines)
  • Our own readiness to carry out industrial tests on the production line
  • Our own willingness to develop common projects (supplier + potential customer)

Our philosophy pays particular attention to the management of our technical suppliers (plant equipment and machinery). In this context, in order to avoid oversights in important details, our purchasing team collaborates closely with our internal technicians.

Commercial Partnership:

  • Choice of competent and reliable suppliers. Avoiding when possible, spot suppliers
  • Creation of a long-term relationship
  • Continuous exchange of information
  • Truthful and useful information
  • Elasticity in the managing of relations




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