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Baby Diapers

Adult Incontinence

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Baby diapers

EXTEN provides a large range of laminates and elastic films suitable for the manufacturing of last generation closure systems of open-diapers, complying with latest high-speed diaper lines (1.200 pieces/min).

Our offer represents two of the most flexible and innovative solutions; it varies from pre-laminated solutions between two soft stretchable nonwovens (LamEla) to elastic films stretchable in Cross-Direction (Extretch CD) to be laminated on the production lines between two non-activated soft stretchable nonwovens.

In addition, we have a huge experience in the production of barrier films and laminates for backsheets and cloth-like backsheets applications.

Adult Incontinence

We offer new solutions stretchable in Machine-Direction (Extretch MD), to be pre-stretched on-line and laminated with two ordinary nonwovens. Our materials represent the most efficient and smart solution for elastic waist of training pants, pull-ups and underwear protection items – the current and future worldwide trend.

We provide materials printed in one colour according to Customers design, either for heavy and light incontinence products.

Feminine care

We manufacture high crimping, easy opening films for individualwrapping of Fem-Care products. Various colours available.


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