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Surgical drapes andback-table covers

Anti-viral surgical gowns and gowns reinforcement

Plasters and woundcare

Protective apparels


Surgical drapes and back-table covers

We manufacture either Co-Extruded and Hot-Melt medical laminates (Duplex, Triplex or Special Structures) for the production of single-use surgical drapes and back-table covers according to EN13795:2013. 

Several nonwovens available, blue and green colour, customised solutions for any special requirement in combination either with Exten barrier films and with Exten elastic films for extremity drapes.

Anti-viral surgical gowns and gowns reinforcement

Thanks to our anti-viral membranes, we manufacture laminates for surgical gowns production according to ASTM F1671.

Our laminates are as well applicable for surgical gowns reinforcement, either with hydrophilic or hydrophobic Nonwovens, blue and green colour.

Plasters and woundcare

We have a wide range of films for plasters (first-aid or adhesive bandages) and wound care items, including high-breathable membranes resistant to virus penetration.

We have a range of films for incision-drapes manufacturing and customised elastic barrier solutions.

Protective apparels

We have a wide range of barrier and breathable laminates for protective apparels manufacturing. Several Nonwovens and colours available, customised solutions for antistatic requirements.

Our breathable membranes are widely applied for lamination with textiles or nonwovens for safety or military garments and sportswear.


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