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Exten for automotive industry

DEVELOPING LAMINATES USED BY THE MOST IMPORTANT AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURERS THAT PROTECT CARS DURING TRANSPORTATION FROM:PRODUCT FEATURES Laminates of coextruded plastic film with different kind of non-wovens specifically developed to be converted in full or partial car...


Tough synthetic printing media for demanding print applications   X-P SynPap is a tough polypropylene based synthetic paper printable with a wide variety of printing methods like: Offset conventional and UV Flexographic Thermal transfer HP-Indigo (Coated version)...

Smart Solutions for Elastic Closure Systems

Last generation Closure Systems of baby/adult diapers and pants are all based on elastic components. for the best comfort and fit. Their core is normally an array of elastic threads or - more often - an elastic film: whatever your product is (elastic ears open diaper....


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