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Area Riservata
Millions tons of plastic end up every year into the sea! (based on “Science” 13 Feb 2015: Vol. 347).

A new concept was born in Menorca and this did not happen accidentally: UNESCO declared this Mediterranean island “Biosphere Reserve”.

A decision has been taken in Menorca and it represents a strong message to support the overall reduction of plastic waste: during the public and culinary events held on the island, 58.800 reusable and recyclable plastic glasses will replace the common plastic disposable version.

The new solution offers the advantages of disposable plastic items, maintaining economic sustainability and safety during their use in overcrowded contexts; moreover, the new plastic glasses are resistant to washing for a safe and hygienic re-use.

These glasses are the star of the initiative and they are manufactured by Plastilar SL ( EXTEN SA is proud to be the supplier of the polypropylene film for “in-mould labelling” used in this environment-friendly initiative.

Thanks to its materials, EXTEN SA is the market benchmark for media applied to visual communication through IML technology.