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Last generation Closure Systems of baby/adult diapers and pants are all based on elastic components. for the best comfort and fit.

Their core is normally an array of elastic threads or – more often – an elastic film: whatever your product is (elastic ears open diaper. MD-training pant or underwear) elastic film is the best solution in terms of performance. cost-effectiveness. reliability and efficiency.

Our elastic film

Gives the diaper manufacturer the highest freedom in product design:
Pre-laminated and sandwiched between two soft stretchable nonwovens.
as the easiest solution for elastic ears of open diapers.
Stretchable in Cross-Direction.
to be laminated between two non-activated soft stretchable nonwovens on the line or next to the line. as the most flexible and innovative solution for elastic ears of open diapers.
Stretchable in Machine-Direction.
to be pre-stretched on-line and laminated with two ordinary nonwovens. as the most efficient and smart solution for elastic waist of CD-manufactured training-pants/underwear.


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