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More&More Sustainable. ISO 14001:2015

EXTEN SA is more and more sustainable. Our company has been certified according to UNI ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management systems, the international regulation that an organization can voluntary apply in order to enhance its environmental performance. This is...

EXTEN IML application

Millions tons of plastic end up every year into the sea! (based on “Science” 13 Feb 2015: Vol. 347). A new concept was born in Menorca and this did not happen accidentally: UNESCO declared this Mediterranean island “Biosphere Reserve”. A decision has been taken in...

Exten for automotive industry

DEVELOPING LAMINATES USED BY THE MOST IMPORTANT AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURERS THAT PROTECT CARS DURING TRANSPORTATION FROM:PRODUCT FEATURES Laminates of coextruded plastic film with different kind of non-wovens specifically developed to be converted in full or partial car...


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